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When I was a little boy I used to say: "when I'll grow up I'd love to be an astronaut or a
movie director". For practical matters I chose the second one.
My name is Niccolò Bello, I was born and grew up in Turin where I earned a degree in
Architecture. I then went to London to attend a Directing Course at St. Martin's School.
This passion started as a kid helping my father (who was having a shot at movie making) in
shooting and assembling short films that used to have as theme the most famous fairytales.
In 2002 I transmit my direction and acting knowledge to the Bugs team, co-founded with
Jacopo Morini, Francesco Granieri and Tiziano Lamberti; we create a website of
entertainment named "Bugstv", that after a few month will lead us to the tv show "Le Iene"
on Italia 1. I didn't follow the procedure as many people do in order to become a movie
director, but I always had the capability of making funny things happen and shoot them with
my videocamera.
Alongside my television work, I start my career as a director and dedicate myself to the
realization of viral commercials, exploiting the direction techniques and combining them
with my knowledge in the communication field acquired working on television. In 2012
I act in a commercial realized by Saatchi & Saatchi for the Onlus "Il ponte del sorriso"
("The bridge of smile"), as the cruel character auditioning children. The operation is
successful and I gain a prize for the best media message in favour of childcare. In-between
my direction work and the Iene show I move on with some serial formats for the web and I
make a documentary on Lucio Dalla and Francesco De Gregori tour, that is sold together
with the album.
I currently live in Milan, where I keep working with my usual pinch of irony and cynism,
characteristics that go with my work from my very first steps.​